February 2021

The insurance companies I work with have adapted well to the ongoing pandemic situation. All forms and applications and policy delivery can now be completed electronically/digitally with secure connections.  

I can guide you through the process after we determine your insurance needs.   

Please continue to adhere to government regulations. Thank you! 

June 2020 update ;

   Insurance companies are now getting back to in person health tests. Online processing of applications is here to stay, call anytime for updates as they happen.   

   April 2020

With covid19 here I encourage everyone to maintain the regulations provided by local and provincial government =  social distancing and stay safe.


   Good news, for helping you with insurance needs, all processing of insurance applications can be done electronically. With phone calls, emails and online applications (including signatures), the whole cycle of insurance processing is completed.


  Insurance companies have adapted well regarding health tests for insurance purposes. Usually, physical tests are done by a trained paramedical person hired by the insurance company. These include blood, urine and other biometric tests. Most companies are now offering insurance with no testing up to certain amounts of coverage. As an example, my clients between 18 - 50 can now get life insurance for up to $1 million of coverage without physical tests. This means an easier, less intrusive experience, and faster decisions by the underwriting department at the insurance company.


Please don’t hesitate to call or email now with your enquiries.