Segregated Mutual Funds

  • Guaranteed investments similar to mutual funds but with many powerful tools added:

            1. Protection/Guarantee of Principle options that provides                          the estate with the higher of the original or market amount.​

            2. Creditor Protection. Life insurance contracts cannot be                            touched if owner is sued.

            3. Beneficiaries receive payment directly from the life insurance                  company. This bypasses the will and there are no probate                      fees. 


       I have many very satisfied clients that own 'seg funds'. 



Peter Wolgram, CPA/CGA

Insurance Advisor

(BC and Alberta)

Vernon, British Columbia.

Certified General Accountant Chartered Professional Accountant






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Wolgram Financial Services is my trade name. I work as an independent Insurance Agent,  licensed in British Columbia and Alberta.  I am contracted to work with many Canadian insurance companies including   Manulife,  Industrial Alliance,  Sunlife,  IA Excellence,  RBC,  Desjardins,  Ivari and  Blue Cross.

My MGA  (managing general agent)  that processes my paperwork and helps me with individual cases is PPI of BC. 

This website is not deemed to be used as a solicitation in a jurisdiction outside of BC or Alberta.

The information provided on this website and in my practice were obtained from sources I believe are reliable, or are my own views, and are not guaranteed and may be incomplete.  Please do contact for updates and more information.

All information gathered is held as confidential. I conform to the Insurance Council of BC rules and code of conduct.